1. No

Song: "No" Words and music © 2019 Adrienne Frailey. All rights reserved.


Once again it's time to feast
To gather 'round and feed from the high priest
"Hand him over," say the flies
"We all paid the highest price"

Hell, no
No, you couldn't pay what God did
If you think that I forgot it
You are the same when you say,
"Here, boy, tell us all that they did to you
While we all get to screw you
And say that love is pain"

Central state closed its doors
It's not gone; it just moved north
White coats of the autocrat design
Claim they know all about the mind

Hell, no
No, you couldn't know what God did
If you think that you can solve it
You're the ones insane when you think
Shock waves justify the means with ends
Get paid just to pretend and
Say you fix the brain

False, self-righteous propheteers
Are not your family or your peers
They say, "God bless us, everyone"
And twist the Word to "get it done"

Hell, no
No, you couldn't do what God did
Praying like you're modest
Spitting on His name when you say,
"The Lord speaks" when He's silent up above
You say that this is love
You're just fitting on the glove
That you use to dodge the blame
If you wanna see the pain
Then I don't see any one of you
Offering your name