...some of her most intimate songs to date… The lyrics will make you want to cry and sing along at the same time. ‘Hole in the River’ displays a true artist at the top of her game.”— Milford Mail Journal

If you're interested in booking Adrienne for your next event, please send an email to adriennefrailey@gmail.com. Include details like the date(s), times, and anything else you think is important. She'll get back with you ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you classify your music?

Adrienne: “I have an interest in almost every genre and have written or performed within so many that I've been labeled eclectic, but I'd sum up my sound with umbrella terms like indie folk and Americana. It can also depend on what licensing your venue has. If you have no licensing, you can still have me perform original and public domain material. The Independent Artist section below will tell you more.”

How much space do you need?

“I've performed anywhere from large stages with loads of equipment to tiny little corners in gift shops. My average setup is a solo performance. It includes a tower system in need of one of your power outlets, my guitar, and my keyboard. I can use one seat for both instruments, and generally speaking, a space of at least 5' x 6' is preferred in venues that wish for the sound to carry throughout the room. Let me know what your venue needs, and I can adjust for the most part.”

How far will you travel?

“I am from a little bitty town called Milford, Indiana. My typical region is anywhere from local to 3 hours away from there. If for a significant distance more, the rate may rise for travel costs. I don't tend to seek out that kind of distance when booking my calendar unless I'm planning a mini-tour into other areas. In those cases, distance is already in the plan, and it's not considered a special request. I'm flexible, so don't hesitate to ask just because it seems far.”


Independent Artist and License-free Performances

Yes, it is completely possible to have Adrienne perform at your venue without fees owed to performance rights companies. If you're already avoiding the cost of having a radio for your guests, you might also be thinking, “Why would we want to spend thousands of dollars a year to just one of the many companies hounding us for licensing? No more music. We can't afford it.” That may be true when it comes to artists who have signed their music to record labels or become members of a P.R.O. on their own. In Adrienne's case, her original collection of nearly 100 songs are owned by herself—copyrights, performance rights, everything. She's independent. She spent her teen and early adult years being asked, “Why don't you look for a record label?” Of course for many, that route brings the kind of success an artist dreams of, but for some it's a nightmare. Instead, to avoid the hassle and protect the people whose support she'd appreciated, she honed her original material while still performing covers where licensing was applied.

What does this mean for your venue? If you have stopped having live music due to the high costs of P.R.O. fees or have never had live music for the same reason, you don't have to worry. With an agreed-upon hourly rate and a setlist of solely original and public domain songs, you can book for less hassle and far less cost than you'd face with a signed artist or cover band. If you're looking to enliven your space, consider an alternative and break away from the status quo of live music hosting. 
Contact adriennefrailey@gmail.com