1. Festina Lente

Festina lente (Latin) meaning: make haste slowly.
Song "Festina Lente" Words and music ©2020 Adrienne Frailey. All rights reserved.

Music, lyrics, recording: Adrienne Frailey ©2020. All rights reserved.


I used to turn where the wind blows
Trying hard, but my feet just wouldn't go
And when I took my first step
I stumbled, and I crumbled you know

Life in the fast lane
The sea in a hurricane
Losing ground
There ain't no up or down, so
I'm sailing my own way
Festina lente
Taking life day by day

I wanted the world to devour me
It chewed me up and left me wandering
Thought if I gave I wouldn't have to feel
They took a lot but not everything


I used to turn where the wind blows
Now I calm the storms I conjure on my own
And when these words are all that's left of me
I will leave the sea and build a better home