A remastered version of my original "The Dark". I hope you enjoy a cleaner take on this song from 2017. Thanks for listening!

Song: "The Dark" © 2017 Adrienne Frailey.

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Do I know you fellow rider?
Who is your someone to blame?
We all have one so think fast
You have 'til the stop of this train

Soon enough the seeds we all have sewn;
Soon enough we'll let everything go
Wait a while they're'll be nothing left at all
Wait a while the dark will start to call

Sun was high, so was I
As far as the eye can see
I let the things that I kept to myself
Dig out and bury me

(Repeat chorus)

Many kneel; many fall
We all have something to fear
Some shadows from yesterday
May just follow you here
You make sure when you preach
You are who you say you are
Bones and stones may carry you 'round
But they won't carry you far

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