1. My Gloomy Poem

From the recording Definitely


I wish I could fly away and be a bird
That's never placed inside a cage
If I were in the sky, I'd be the only one heard
Whose song is written on no page
I wish I were warm inside, somehow, some way
It's cold out here today

If the sun were to stay down this dawn
As if it did not have a friend
I think I would feel like I was landing on
A gloomy poem with no end
I wish I could be home again, oh, home again
I know not where my mind has been

You tell me hold on, hold on now
It's not over
But you told me you'd never leave
I miss the way you were

If I wake up to something more than this, this dream
Maybe I will go outside again
I'll walk to town and see the sights I've not yet seen
I'll leave my heart at home to mend
I'll sing with grace to whatever Heaven brings
And my mended heart will sew my wings