1. Lilian

From the recording Definitely


Way out in the forest fled the brave, young Lilian
Dismounting at the shelter of an unknown, handsome man
"Please, sir, I have ridden fifteen miles tonight
And I need a place to rest 'til the morning light
I haven't much money, but I'll work for thee"

"Tell me, maiden, what brought you to my stead?
Your clothes are all torn, and there's blood from your head"
"Two soldiers I have killed for they murdered my sister
When I declared we'd not go to Baron Gilles's home
And they hanged her from the tree in his courtyard"

"I have heard the many stories tell the evil of that man
Fear not, my Lilian, they will never lay a hand
I'll keep you here tonight, safe by my side
And you can rest 'til the morning light
I promise that his men will not see you"

Lilian was cold, and she awoke with a fright
The fire had burned out, it was just before light
She called for the man, but she could not find him
Had he left her for the Baron? She called once again
She ran outside and still, she heard no answer

A soldier who'd been waiting seized her from behind
And then twenty more emerged from the thin forest line
Then he said, "Poor, young Lilian, the Baron has missed you
And won't he be glad when he see who we have?"
And he pushed her down and bound her hands and feet

The man returned from town, and he saw what had happened
He ran to the house, a dagger in his hand
And he cut the soldier's throat, set Lilian free
And he told her to run, so she ran through the trees
Then another soldier drew his sword and killed him

Faster, she did run with nowhere to hide
When she arrived at the ravine, Gilles's men close behind
She looked one, last time at the men running toward her
And she threw herself in to avoid the Baron
And they crowded 'round the edge where she invited death

I stood at the very river where Lilian had drowned
One year had passed since she'd gone down
When I turned to see a young girl, pale as white fleece
She wore tattered clothes, and she smiled at me
Then she disappeared with nothing but a whisper