Goodnight to the Stars

Adrienne Frailey

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As surprising as a snow leopard stepping from an Indiana cornfield, she's Folk Alley's March '09 Open Mic Featured Artist. Wow! I didn't want the song to end. Amazing! — fans, Calif. to Greece Recommended IYL Norah Jones, Sarah McLachlan, Sara Bareilles

Goodnight to the Stars ©2009 Adrienne Frailey Release date: July 2009 Recorded, mixed and mastered: Bartlett Recording, Elkhart, Indiana, Photography: Heather Holdeman, New Paris Indiana/Dallas,Texas CD Design: Joy Frailey Total time: 46:11 Produced by Adrienne Frailey; all songs written and arranged by Adrienne Frailey; all rights reserved.; E-mail:; P.O. Box 706, Milford IN 46542

About the Artist A self-taught guitarist since eleven, Adrienne’s motivation to get this CD project finished was her surprise at being named Folk Alley’s “Open Mic Featured Artist” for March 2009. Her songs have been called “cool” by listeners in Chile, “simply amazing” in Dublin, “beautiful” in the Netherlands, and “fantastic” in Chicago. She chose her CD tracks from the 60+ songs she has written in the past three years. Sound engineer/producer Bruce Bartlett blogged her FA listeners, “Adrienne writes songs of rare beauty and sophistication. Her pure, tender voice could melt peoples’ hearts...I have never been so affected emotionally by anyone I’ve recorded in 30 years...I think she has a great future in writing musical soundtracks for cinema. BTW she sings perfectly in tune.” Bartlett developed microphones at Shure and Crown over three decades (including the industry-standard headworn CM311A), and has written 900 articles and eight books in the audio field. • Adrienne’s ability as a composer/lyricist/singer is remarkable.—Dee Bennett, Riversong Music Society, St. Joseph, Michigan.
• Adrienne Frailey is a truly extraordinary talent. Her vocals are soulful and captivating; her lyrics and music are packed with meaning and emotion. You just want to listen to her forever.—Al Kniola, host of The Back Porch, WVPE 88.1 FM (NPR), Elkhart, Indiana • Just barely out of high school, Adrienne Frailey is displaying real depth as a singer/songwriter...from the tiny town of Milford, IN (halfway between Ft. Wayne and South Bend), Frailey would get our vote any day.—alley chat, March 2009,
• I can’t wait to buy the album. California would love to have you.—teen listener • I don’t normally listen to this kind of music but was curious. This is brilliant.—listener in Wales • You will know and love her recordings for years to come—trust me, it will happen. —Al Kniola

Track Notes 1. SILVER CARS (3:19): I love silver cars. I like Georgia. I put them together. Busy people trade the people who care about them for new settings where they can prosper—but may not find love. My friend Kevin Kyle—who has known me since I was seven—added a smooth electric guitar solo on this one. 2. A LITTLE SCAR (3:59): So many people are driven to sue for any perceived offense. But scars from pain or wrongdoing can be keepsakes to remind us of how much we grew by enduring the experience. Some scars are meant to be kept and forgiven, and there is always someone with a bigger scar than yours. 3. THE AFFAIR (3:04): Ah, my happy little love song, although there's a breakup...maybe someday I’ll get a ukelele to play this. 4. FLIGHT (3:50): This is my second personal favorite on the CD: an allegory for anyone who has stepped out into “darkness” then taken a fall—needing to be comforted by an angel or friend—until they can pick themselves up again. Violinist Bev Smith (Cassopolis, Mich.) is featured.
5. RAINING DOWN (2:14): Here’s another little happy love song about nice, romantic things happening in spite of the sky crying overhead. My Dad Drew Frailey accompanied me on guitar for this one. 6. USELESS (4:18): Useless is something we so often feel when we’re young or there seems to be no solution to a problem. The sense that we are small and powerless in the face of evil or adversity must be fought by listening to our own heart, which often results in some type of prayer. One listener said, “I was blown away by your opening vocals...The simple piano worked well....Such a sad, but wonderful song.” My Dad played bass on this song; my Mom Joy Frailey added 12-string guitar and sang some backup vocals. 7. CATASTROPHE (4:24): This is my personal favorite on the CD. “Wow! I love this music by Adrienne Frailey. Listen to ‘Catastrophe’ first. Wish I could compose like this!” tweeted author Kaleb Nation (Twitter, 5/4/09), whose novel Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse is arriving in stores 9/9/09. “This is beautiful...And I'm so entranced with this song that I've shared this with several friends. I'll be researching your work now, seeking out your music CDs. This song is sweet. Soothing.”—JH, South Carolina 8. A WORLD I’M NOT AFRAID OF (4:22): This ballad was inspired by Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. Almost everyone in the world now knows how much Bella loves Edward! Again, my friend Kevin Kyle played an electric guitar solo for this one. Listeners have said: • OMG, I cried like a baby listening to this song. I loved every minute of this song and I didn't want the song to end. Where can I get it? I gotta have this song! —27-yr old, US • How wonderful and amazing and beautiful this song is. 5/5 —teen, Germany • I listened with my eyes closed...the song is so beautiful.—England • You should be on a soundtrack’ve got fantastic voice...Could you give us lyrics?—20-yr old, Poland • Where can I get this song? All of your songs, really...—listener • I love this! I subbed! and faved! —teen from Arkansas • OMG I seriously cried!! BTW where can I get this song?? Its amazing!! ...amazing amazing amazing! —US teen, LA (This is my only Twilight-inspired song on this CD. The remainder, like “Jacob’s Kiss,” are instrumentals and can be found on YouTube.) 9. WASTELAND (5:02): This is that place we don’t want our loved ones to stray into but often a place that we don’t have the power to bring them out of—until they want to be out of it themselves. This was one of the first songs I wrote at sixteen, even before my CD was a dream on the horizon. It has received the most radio airplay, though, and was well-received on “There is a tenderness in this song, and I think it's well structured and well sung,” said one overseas listener; another from New York commented, “The song and the singing made me stop working and just listen for a few minutes.” 10. GOOD MORNING (3:21): This is a breakup song written for anyone who has gotten wise and left a well-crafted note of sarcasm for the other to find. 'Wish I could save you from the burden of always being right.' This song is where the line “goodnight to the stars” comes from for the CD title. A YouTube listener said, “Like your music. Great song and love your voice.” 11.BENEATH THE SPOTLIGHT (5:43): A friend (who knew his music theory) told me this tune was Broadway-worthy. Wow. You be the judge of that. I wrote it somewhat inspired by a young man who fell into destructive behaviors before I ever got the chance to tell him how much I cared. Violinist Bev Smith (Cassopolis, Mich.) is featured.

Acknowledgements (in CD liner notes) To God, FOR the stars and the sun and everything else; To my Dad and Mom, Drew and Joy Frailey, for helping me get started with music and supporting me every step of the way; To my sister Andrea and her husband Gary, for standing by me through everything; To their little girl, my baby niece Alyssa, you are such an inspiration; To Bruce Bartlett for being so amazing at what you do; To Kevin Kyle and Bev Smith for adding such great sounds to my work; To Al Kniola and Norm Mast at WVPE 88.1 FM, for generously providing a way for my music to be heard throughout Michiana; To my best friend Ruth (Nicholl) May for being my #1 Fan;
To Heather Holdeman (and her family), for taking such marvelous photos, and for being an extraordinary friend all these years; To Riversong Music Society of Michiana for giving me a place to share my music with all the wonderful people I’ve met and ones I’ve yet to meet; and to everyone else in my life who has encouraged me to share my soul in music.

CD printed and manufactured in the USA at Disc Makers®, Pennsauken, NJ. Unauthorized duplication of this CD is a violation of applicable federal laws.

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