I've felt the black sand near the dragon's den 

I've been in the water of the leviathan 

I've heard the cries of those who pleaded 

And been gifted with answers I never needed 


I've been moved on the factory belts within 

And been broadcast on the screens of sin 

I've seen thousands of bodies and their useful parts 

Reprogrammed for roles that infect their hearts 


I've been held captive on the stage in the school 

Struggled to swim from the breach in the pool 

I've run atop the library stacks 

From the beast shackled til the final acts 


I've seen the rose garden surrounding the mansion 

Been driven through the fields of golden expansion 

I've been brought to the mother's room and seen 

Her speak with the eloquence of a once-scorned queen 


I've walked near the train as it pulls through the station 

Headed for the pit of certain damnation 

I've been touched by the dragon, but still, I am here 

I turn away from his purpose for no evil will I fear 


© 2018 Adrienne Frailey

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