I see you through a window 

But the door to the house is locked 

I am confined inside 

Every day I wait for you to find the key 

But you never look 

You don't see the window amidst all that is outside 

Seasons change ever so slowly 

Yet it seems time means nothing where you are 

Often I sit and ponder how long I've been here 

I've learned sometimes to close the drapes 

The happiness I yearn for lies outside this window 

Maybe one day I'll open it—maybe I won't 

There is no escape for me 

My place is inside the house 

Yours is where the sun shines 

There is no hope for me 

You bear it all in the gleam of your eyes 

The window is a mirror to you 

I avoid the door of the house 

I've found there to be no handle, no doorknob 

The window's glass still separates us 

But occasionally... 

I pull back the drapes 


© 2006 Adrienne Frailey

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