"You're not the same

Your voice was clean

Where's that girl afraid to scream?

Never says she cares

Never stands—never stares"


I guess it's all laid bare now

Gonna share now all the words

I've kept from you

You're not ready to get into

This mind of mine—a stroll through Hell

You'll wish I stayed well and quiet

Soft and silent

 What was it you said?


"There's a good girl

Let it all go

It's not worth fighting

All your trying is just whining

This system works with all the perks

Who needs a life of love?

Being useful is enough

You're not worth a good man

You can't handle it; you want the hammering

You need the beating to separate the feeling

Just play your part

Harden your heart

Fade into that night

It's only right... right?"




I'm not perfect, but I'm a person worth it

I deserve it—love

No, I'm not your servant

Don't need a permit to confirm it

I'm getting out and not alone

You're losing your bone

Now, go fetch a new M for your S

The hem on this dress is unraveling

You're traveling on a different plane

I'm riding a chariot

You're on the terrain

Better look up, boy

You've lost your legs

Knocked down a few pegs

But you should be grateful

I'm your chore no more

They'll buy you a boat and an oar

Take off to somewhere sunny

Don't be hateful honey



Now you don't have to be programmed just to think you like me

So why aren't you smiling?

Are you no longer finding that balance

To your reliance on the violence you say I need?

Oh, please

Bring on the memories

You've still got time, though, to let me go

I suggest you throw

Tap out and be done

No one can outrun death's kiss

Don't reminisce on better ways to keep this

They don't exist

They're set ablaze

The fire rises higher every day

So call on that water

To avoid the coming slaughter

You've lost this girl to a better world

So live yours up while you can if that's your plan

Toast a drink, salute the past

I'm going back to the last

Place where this all began

But only for a moment

To gain all the components

Then I'll own it

Wear it

Share it

Rejoice in the rest of my lifespan

Yeah, 'cause here's to my future

With a much better man


© 2019 Adrienne Frailey

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