It was a very, very rainy day 

And the little boy knew 

He couldn't go outside in the puddles that day 

So what could he possibly do? 


All he could think of right then and there 

Was going out to play 

But he had to stay inside while it rained 

On such a gloomy day 


Occasionally, he'd look outside 

Tried to see if the storm had passed by 

But when looking across the room from his bed 

Something caught the child's eye 


On his bookshelf in the corner lay 

A book which he knew well 

His grandmother had read it to him 

Oh, the stories she would tell! 


The little boy grew curious 

So he walked over to the case 

He pulled the book away, pages and all, 

And a smile crept across his face 


As he did this some other books fell 

But he didn't try to rescue the shelf 

For he had already opened the book 

And tried to read by himself 


Frustration took over as it sometimes will 

So he looked at the pictures instead 

He saw castles and knights and even a prince 

So many ideas filled his head 


When he finished the book on Medieval times 

He looked outside at the skies 

He'd spent so long, the storm had cleared up 

And he couldn't believe his eyes 


The dark clouds were gone, and the sun came out 

And he had to take another look 

He glanced once again at the pages he'd turned 

And then he slowly closed the book 


© 2006 Adrienne Frailey

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