Original poetry



"You're not the same

Your voice was clean

Where's that girl afraid to scream?

Never says she cares

Never stands—never stares"


I guess it's all laid bare now

Gonna share now all the words

I've kept from you

You're not ready to get into

This mind of mine—a stroll through Hell

You'll wish I stayed well and quiet

Soft and silent

 What was it you said?


"There's a good girl

Let it all go

It's not worth fighting

All your trying is just whining

This system works with all the perks

Who needs a life of love?

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I've felt the black sand near the dragon's den 

I've been in the water of the leviathan 

I've heard the cries of those who pleaded 

And been gifted with answers I never needed 


I've been moved on the factory belts within 

And been broadcast on the screens of sin 

I've seen thousands of bodies and their useful parts 

Reprogrammed for roles that infect their hearts 


I've been held captive on the stage in the school 

Struggled to swim from the breach in the pool 

I've run atop the library stacks 

From the…

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Day is fading 

Night is waning 

Everyone is so berating 

Head is hurting 

Scratching, burning 

People stop for what they're yearning 

Time stands still 

For what we will 

Be waiting for 

To kiss or kill 

Needing time 

To waste our minds 

On mindless skills which read like rhyme 

School and childhood 

Forgotten now that 

Everything is cold, but how 

Is everything too cold 

When we have turned ourselves too bold 

To see that we are all too old 

To spend our days on mindless waiting? 


© 2006 Adrienne…

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Fear is the absence of our true feelings; 

Being covered 

It chooses our actions one after the other 

If we could live fearless lives 

Maybe we'd have free minds 

Fear wouldn't be in the way of our exit 

All fear has to do is wait for us to quit 

But where darkness lies awake 

Light does the same 

Peace exists to drive the fear away 

But that doesn't mean fear is tamed 

It will lie there; it always has 

But comfort can put our choices to our own hands 

We may not win 

We never may 

But that doesn't mean we…

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I see you through a window 

But the door to the house is locked 

I am confined inside 

Every day I wait for you to find the key 

But you never look 

You don't see the window amidst all that is outside 

Seasons change ever so slowly 

Yet it seems time means nothing where you are 

Often I sit and ponder how long I've been here 

I've learned sometimes to close the drapes 

The happiness I yearn for lies outside this window 

Maybe one day I'll open it—maybe I won't 

There is no escape for me 

My place is inside…

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It was a very, very rainy day 

And the little boy knew 

He couldn't go outside in the puddles that day 

So what could he possibly do? 


All he could think of right then and there 

Was going out to play 

But he had to stay inside while it rained 

On such a gloomy day 


Occasionally, he'd look outside 

Tried to see if the storm had passed by 

But when looking across the room from his bed 

Something caught the child's eye 


On his bookshelf in the corner lay 

A book which he knew well 

His grandmother had…

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