by Adrienne Frailey

Released 2011
Released 2011
Young Adrienne Frailey has again created a masterpiece CD of 18 original songs that carry you through (her native) Midwest, New Orleans, tragic and violent 15th Century France, the dark side of the soul, and of course—escape and romance.
Young Adrienne Frailey has again created a masterpiece CD of 18 original songs that carry you through (her native) Midwest, New Orleans, tragic and violent 15th Century France, the dark side of the soul, and of course—escape and romance. She skillfully delivers you back to your "happy place" at the end of a 74-minute journey. You will want to own and open the 8-panel digipak, complete with lyrics—it's like have a whole concert in a box.

Her genre-crossing tracks cover Americana, Adult Indie/Contemporary, Alternative Folk and Celtic styles.

"Adrienne Frailey is a major talent. Her latest album 'Definitely' is clear proof of that... Her beautiful lyrics could stand alone as poetry, her voice is a lovely blend of velvet and soul, and her melodies and arrangements are captivating. This is an album that deserves, and will receive, repeated play by all who own it until it simply wears out..." —Al Kniola, Host, "The Back Porch", WVPE 88.1 FM, National Public Radio

Total time: 74:47
©2011 Adrienne Frailey
Release date: 9/10/11
Recorded, mixed and mastered: Bartlett Recording, Elkhart, Indiana,
CD cover design: Joy Frailey
Photography: Emily Swihart Photography


1. "All My Sins"
It wasn’t that long ago when the months of summer meant no work and all play for me. Things change so quickly after high school; life tends to sneak up on you, and the only way to deal is to keep moving forward.

2. "Hey There Boy"
It’s interesting when two friends can start a relationship, end that relationship and still remain friends... even though some things will never be the same.

3. "Feathers"
Mistakes make us human. Awareness brings regret, a feeling that can help us learn from those mistakes. It’s then our duty to pass the message on to not only the people we love and care about but to those we may never come into contact with.

4. "Little Love Song"
Just a happy, little love song. :) The world needs more of those.

5. "Definitely"
When what you want isn’t at all what you should have. This is a heartfelt apology, born from an important life lesson.

6. "Learn to Be Strong"
Real love never comes easily, but even the strongest relationships can shatter under the simplest of circumstances. We must learn how to withstand the breakage.

7. "Cliché"
A song I wrote shortly after graduation while still enduring the remnants of high school drama. It was fun to come up with a something following the lines of only cliché sayings, something very fitting for the days of drama.

8. "Dying Breath"
Inspired by the prologue of the book "Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse" by Kaleb Nation. This is my idea of Emry’s last lullaby for her son, Bran. Guest musician John Kennedy Jr. of the group Kennedy’s Kitchen provided his talents to this track in Irish whistle and bouzouki. Thank you, John. :)

9. "The Blue"
It's relaxing when love can be as simple and abstract as the lyrics in this song.

10. "The World Is Yours"
For any couple who just wishes they could drop all responsibility, take each other's hands, get in the car and drive as far as they can go.

11. "Prayer of Revelation"
Using Biblical metaphors, this is a song about looking back on life during the final days of it and remembering those lost and those found.

12. "My Gloomy Poem"
A song written over three years ago when I was still in high school. It is one I created with old thoughts of my childhood in mind—the days when I'd be eight-years-old, sitting on the swings in the park and almost believing that if I used as much energy as my little legs could muster, maybe I really COULD let go and fly right into the sky. (Never worked out that way.)

13. "Run Just Run"
This is a song filled with pain and the desperation one needs to go back to the start of his or her mistakes in order to at least attempt to make things right again.

14. "Lilian"
An original piece of historical fiction set in the violence of 15th Century France. "Lilian" tells of a young, indentured servant girl who absolutely refuses to be taken to the house of one of the world's most infamous serial killers—Baron Gilles de Rais.

15. "Talk About an Angel"
A song created from the bluesier side of my mind. It's about taking charge of yourself when love has done nothing but put you in shackles.

16. "Mind Of Your Own"
Love is an interesting thing, once you've come close to feeling it. I have a tendency to remain somewhat too logical when relationships are within grasp, but sometimes it's best to let all logic go and do what everyone may not expect you to.

17. "Gabriel"
A song for Gabe Merrill. I hope can hear this from where he now lives.

18. "We Could Fly Above the Mountains"
We all need a little vacation from ourselves now and then, and it's always nice to be able to share it with someone else.


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